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Our Passion

We offer bespoke turnkey solutions for team training, brand work and F&B venue launches around the world. Food, Beverage and Hospitality are our passion and we collaborate with the very best of the industry to bring results to our clients


Founded in 2012, The London Bar Consultants (LDN Bar) have been working at the highest level of international Hospitality Consultancy, working on billion dollar hotels in India, Africa and Europe, Mega Nightclubs in Dubai and Private members bars in London, leading events at the Monaco Grand Prix and the Cannes Film festival and launching brands into various international markets.


Based in the City of London with two award winning bars of our own: Merchant House with its uniquely impressive, rare spirit collection and an ever evolving cocktail menu that was awarded Best Cocktail Menu U.K. and Black Parrot our second establishment- from our team that won best Rum bar in the U.K, bringing a little bit of the Caribbean to our shores with an unrivalled Rum collection and a bespoke cocktail list in a super premium but relaxed environment.


Having been nominated for innovator of the drinks industry twice over and shortlisted for entrepreneur of the year, Lewis Hayes heads up a team of remarkable young talent, whose passion it is to leave the industry in a better place than we found it, focused on product training, hosting masterclasses to tens of thousands of individuals and companies around the world, we work with and endorse only the best liquid and work closely with companies that are passionate about quality. 


Passionate about sharing knowledge Lewis, started an online educational channel on Youtube to share industry insights and training tips, with ‘Meet the maker’ and ‘How to’ videos, offering free advice and knowledge on a global scale.


In the height of the pandemic in 2020 we launched our online platform Liberated Liquid furthering our outreach of home delivery of affordable educational tasting flights and an ever growing liquid library of fine and rare samples offering industry and consumers the opportunity to sample some of the rarest liquid on the planet.   


We love hospitality and if you share our passion for a sustainable future for our industry and the professionals within it, then please get in touch

Our Team

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Lewis Hayes

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Founding Director of the London Bar Consultants. Lewis loves the Arts, adventuring and travelling the world, training and educating 


Lydia Clarry

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Lydia (A.K.A. Girl on the Rum) heads up Liberated Liquid, has a passion for Rum and specialises in

social media positioning and marketing strategy  


Monika Zachar

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Operations Officer at the award winning Merchant House. Monika has unique expertise in coordinating and running a high volume bar at the highest levels of hospitality. She's also mad about Whisky and cats


David Brady

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General Manager at our Rum Library- Black Parrot. David is exceptional at guest relations. His love for literature is evident in his regular and eloquent reviews of fine and rare liquid


Tiago Oliveira

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Tiago lives and breathes The Drinks Industry. Bar Manager at Merchant House with a special love for all things Gin he is always experimenting with flavour and cocktail creation

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Mariana Carneiro

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After joining the company Mariana rapidly worked her way up into the role of company trainer- we value her expertise so highly that no new starter in our company can look after our guests before they have spent time under her wings

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